A juurni of a thousand miles begins with one step. Juurni is an SPA project where I explore indexedDB. It is a, not yet full-featured, journaling app inspired by Dyrii on iOS. I don’t plan to go anywhere with this application, it is just my exploration into indexedDB, its features and API. At the moment, you will need to use the developer console in order to see your journal entries. Maybe later, I will pull the entries onto the UI.

Leveraging work and school accounts for authentication is now a breeze in Visual Studio 2019 and Azure AD.

The gist: ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT variables map directly to the appsettings.json files provided with the template by name. Such that appsettings.Development.json references the environment variable with the value “Development”.

The gist To upgrade Ghost v0.5 to Ghost v1.x.x or later, you must first upgrade to version 0.7.1. This version can be found in the TryGhost GitHub repository. The team has updated the upgrade documentation since this original post.