what do you mean it's not awaitable? but wait, i've referenced the correct assemblies and all of the method calls are in the correct form...so what gives?

unable to accept comments feeling a bit wary about not being able to allow comments on blog posts, i went to the ghost support page and performed a search on disqus. i recalled it having been mentioned in one of the threads that i had read when researching running ghost as a blogging engine, however, during that time, my focus was on getting the blog up and running. however, after moving over a few legacy posts, and publishing something new, the ability for readers to leave comments came to the to the forefront.

something new...something radical. with the introduction of windows 8, it appears that microsoft has frustrated many of its fans.

can i use my nokia lumia 1520 to workout? probably not. dude, that's a really big phone.