The gist: ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT variables map directly to the appsettings.json files provided with the template by name. Such that appsettings.Development.json references the environment variable with the value “Development”.

when following this tutorial. after completing step one, you should close the terminal (or maybe open a new terminal window before attempting to run the commands instructed in step three as you will likely get the error "dotnet command not found".

the gist i've deployed the xos.mvc.framework nuget package which offers base model classes, controllers, and commonly used attribute filters for mvc projects as well as some nifty jquery and css plugins/helpers aimed to speed up mvc application development. the framework can be found on the source code is also available on github.

can commented code throw an error? in the case of bundling and minification...yes it can. i was performing cross-browser tests on one of my applications the other day and found myself chasing a javascript error that well...wasn't really an error. for some reason, the browser kept complaining about a syntax error.