unable to accept comments Sad smile

feeling a bit weary about not being able to allow comments on blog posts, i went to the ghost support page and performed a search on disqus. i recalled it having been mentioned in one of the threads that i had read when researching running ghost as a blogging engine, however during that time, my focus was on getting the blog up and running. however, after moving over a few legacy posts, and publishing something new, the ability for readers to leave comments came to the to forefront.

added disqus module

that's when to great satisfaction, i found an article which pointed to this post on how to configure disqus to work with @ghost blogs.

efficient and to the point

within ten minutes, i was able to create a @disqus account, update the blog files, restart ghost, and everything was all set. it's a beautiful thing when all things just come together.

happy coding!


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