To install the NUnit unit testing framework, download the NUnit.msi installation file from SourceForge. The latest version at the time of this writing is v2.4.7.


After clicking "Download" you will be redirected to a page with the screen below. Be sure to click the .msi file as we are going with the automatic installation for this tutorial.


When done downloading, install the application accepting all of the default settings by clicking Next, Next, etc.

Quickly, to verify a proper installation. Lauch the NUnit GUI application. (NUnit must be run in Administrator context for some tests to pass).


When the application opens, go to the file menu, choose "Open Project" and select the NUnitTests project.


(For the first run, the FileOpen Dialog box should automatically open in the NUnit bin directory.

If not, the files should be located at "root_drive:\Program Files\NUnit 3.5.7\bin\").


With the top most node in the tree selected, click "Run". All tests should pass. If you find IO related failures, then NUnit is not
running in the context of an Administrator.


Now that NUnit is installed, you are ready for the next phase in TDD, writing code.


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