Recently I decided that I would adopt TDD or "Test Driven Development" as an approach to building C# applications. While I found plenty of information on testing tools such as RhinoMocks, NUnit, and the newly introduced MoQ pronounced Mock-You, the QuickStarts and code snippets were comprehensive and difficult for a newbie to follow in my opinion.

Therefore, for anyone that is looking to get going with TDD for the first time, as I was, here is a QuickStart Series that I hope will help you along.

As the title mentions, I am focusing on TDD for C#. That said, if you intend to practice along with the tutorials in this series, you will need:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • The NUnit Library
  • The RhinoMocks Library
  • The MoQ Library

Although I won't cover it in this series, I should mention that Visual Studio Professional and higher versions have MS Test, a testing framework offered by Microsoft, integrated into the IDE.

The series:


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