ghost definitely has promise. what i like most is that it's sole purpose is blogging. it promises to remove a lot of the complexity and feature bloat that make other blogging engines a pain to use and maintain and i hope that this remains the case.


ghost is to blogging what the infamous text editor notepad is to windows programming. simple, functional, and effective. i've used several other blogging engines such as, dasblog, and orchard. while they work in terms of, yes i am able to compose and publish, they offer more than what i need leaving me to surf through the additional features and settings in order to find out how to do the simple tasks of managing blog posts. what i dislike most is not having a dedicated editor that simply works. works = write, save, publish. i've used both windows live writer and microsoft word. i've also used the in application editors each having its own pros and cons. but i believe that the markdown editor is the way to go.


markdown is a no-brainer

for anyone familiar with writing for the web, writing in markdown is more efficient and enjoyable. the markdown editor in ghost is impressive with the split screen display and live preview, but, some work is still needed because currently, in ie11 on windows 8, the cursor looses it's place and changes to the text begin to appear five or more characters behind the cursor. as i write this post, i am trying to find the reproducible steps, but with no luck. so if you are interested in using ghost today, you may have to tolerate this little nuance until a fix is least in ie11. while ghost appears to be on track to offer everything that one would need from just a blogging engine, there are a couple of things that i would like to see that are currently missing.


spell check is important

i'm sure that this is in the works as it goes hand in hand with composition. No, notepad does not have spell check, but, notepad is for coding not for composition. spell check is important.


can i save to text file?

i have always been annoyed by not being able to uniformly keep up with old blog posts. it would be awesome to be able to save all posts as plain text files, zipped. something similar to \"save all attachments\" as zip in email. placeholder text can be used in place of image/media objects. but i think that it would be a great way to archive posts. maybe in the future, other blogging engines can import posts in text file format...who knows.


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