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when following this tutorial. after completing step one, you should close the terminal (or maybe open a new terminal window before attempting to run the commands instructed in step three as you will likely get the error "dotnet command not found".

visual studio for macOS!

i've begun to play with visual studio for macOS preview and found this resource on how to install .net core so that i could begin coding and serving up .net applications. i am ready to have my ice cream and eat it other words code for everything from one workstation, no parallels, bootcamp, remote desktop, etc. we'll see how well that goes.

but i ran into a snag:(

after completing step one and attempting step three, i was presented with the error mentioned above. i went back through the steps and begin to search the known issues, but all of these topics and solutions appeared to be overkill for what i was experiencing. so...i decided to clean up my screen by closing the terminal and all other windows and apps as a sort of going back to baseline if you will.

it works!

then i launched the terminal again just to ensure that i had the terminology correct for the error, only this time it worked! i thought it to be a strange thing, but maybe it's a common oversight for many visual studio developers like myself, whose previous experience has been totally on the pc.

what do i like so far

the ux is a bit different as it takes on the macOS ui styles, however it is refreshing in its simplicity. while i obviously haven't explored everything in one day, i did give the git integration a test run and published a project up to github. i was later able to get my home computer set-up, clone the repo, and run the project just fine.

all of that said, currently the normal start-up workflow of create > code > commit > clone works seamlessly. not sure that i will continue to write on my experiences with the product, but i would definitely recommend visual studio for macOS to a colleague.


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