Converting to MacBook…OMG!


If someone had mentioned to me a week ago that I would be a proud owner of an Apple MacBook Pro, I would have probably responded, "yeah right". Well as I type these words today, I would have had to eat those words. Yesterday I took the plunge and purchased a MacBook Pro and I have to admit that I am impressed by far with the system.

If you read an earlier post "Overheating Laptop!" then you are familiar with the computing woes that have plagued me over the past couple of weeks and thus left me shopping for a new laptop.

After a week of comparison shopping and some coaxing by friends…I was convinced that I should give Mac a try. I am yet to be disappointed.

Features that totally rock:

Boot Camp:    Wouldn’t be able to survive without it. This hidden utility that is bundled in the OS, makes partitioning the hard drive and installing Windows Vista seamless.  It evenallows you to set Vista as the default operating system so that when the powers on, it boots right into Windows Vista.  How's that for modesty?

image0041  image0061

Parallels:   So booting directly into Vista is nice, but why buy a Mac to boot into Vista. Yes, I need Vista for development, but I bought a MacBook so that I could experience the highly touted Mac OS X.

By downloading and installing Parallels Desktop, I was ready to go in about 30 minutes. Parallels is a virtual desktop application that allows you to run another instance of an operating system from within a host operating system. It's awesome because it detected the boot camp partition and connected to it as a virtual desktop so that I didn't have to install another copy of the OS. Presto, I was in business!



Bluetooth Mouse:    I like having the configurable buttons and the touch > click memory (touch right side with one finger = right click).


Time Machine:   Very cool backup tool. In essence takes a snapshot of your system at a given point in time. Essentially System Restore on the Mac except with a cool ass interface.


iChat, Built-In WebCam, Microphone and Bluetooth hardware and software installed: Awesome!


DVD Authoring Software!



Imagine…drag and drop a pic directly from a web page to your desktop, library, or document without right-clicking.

To add to that, installing applications without stopping what you are doing and without restarting…nice!

Well you get the point. So I am finding computing fun again...wicked.


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