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To upgrade Ghost v0.5 to Ghost v1.x.x or later, you must first upgrade to version 0.7.1. This version can be found in the TryGhost GitHub repository. In addition, you may also want to browse over to the developers docs for a guide on the manual upgrade process. The team has updated the upgrade documentation since this original post.

The full story

Today I decided to upgrade my installation of the Ghost blogging engine, which runs this blog. I didn't realize how old my current version of Ghost was until beginning this process. I was running Ghost version 0.5 and the current latest release is Ghost version 1.21.3.

Once I realized how far behind I was on the upgrade, I knew that I had to determine the upgrade path as generally a major version upgrade (in this case 0.x.x -> 1.x.x) will have breaking changes. This did take some time for me to figure out, but thanks to the awesome effort by Michi Kofler-Häusler, who has provided blog posts on how to upgrade to various versions of Ghost, I found the necessary guidance.

Bierochs ghost upgrade posts

One minor issue

During the process, I also realized why this step was important. According to the latest ghost documentation, the only way to migrate content when upgrading is to import a ghost user file. Since ghost 0.5 does not have the export/import feature, the earliest version where this is available is ghost 0.7.1. There was one non-ghost related issue encountered. The "Export" button, pictured in the image below, did not work using the Microsoft Edge browser. I had to log-in using Google Chrome in order to export the blog settings and data.

The new Labs area contains experimental features such as the blog settings "Export/Import" feature.

Stay up-to-date

Probably the only recommendation is that you keep up-to-date with the latest Ghost versions or opt for the hosted blog service offered at In the meantime... on to the next upgrade!


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