Recently I missed a talk on github given by a one of the most dedicated developers that I know Ben Schierman. When I say dedicated, I mean dedicated to the industry, to the field, to discovering best practices and sharing them, and not simply in the sense of “I’m a programmer”. So hats off to Ben as always for his contribution to our field of work.

I wanted to attend Ben’s talk because I see the traction behind github but without having made a part of my day in the life as a coder, I was hoping to pick-up on some applied knowledge of the service. But it didn’t.

So, as a result, I will talk about my current scm tool which has been my favorite thus far PlasticSCM. In relation to the two the only thing that I can say is that like git, Plastic is a distributed versioning system. Plastic is not open source but it is free for a small team of fewer than 15 developers. PlasticSCM features a server and a client component and integrates with the Windows Explorer shell and Visual Studio. This will not be a detailed how-to on using Plastic but I will point out some of my favorite features.

As a .NET developer, I spend my life working within Visual Studio, therefore any VS integration is automatically a plus because it's all right there.


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